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Yesterday was one of those days ūüė¶ . I couldn’t do a lot . When I get angry -which is really rare- I be not able to do anything till I reboot . I mean till I sleep , I don’t know what the secret Is but a good night sleep seems to let me forget about the bad things that happens in the last day.

Frankly it wasn’t always like this , in the past I would still be mad for days and will relive every bad situation in my mind for countless minds. I would say to myself : “why haven’t I done that ?” “why haven’t I said that)” “why haven’t I been¬†less stupid?”… ¬†¬†

I have learned to only regret things I haven’t done and not things that I do . Believe me even this switch in perspective helped me a lot over the years . Even if I have made something wrong I would not say I regret doing it but instead say “why haven’t I done the right thing?”

the difference is that¬†the first statement will only lead to¬†regret and sorrow , on the other hand l the “haven’t done the right thing”¬†perspective will encourage your brain to search for the right thing to do instead of swearing¬†the wrong path you may¬†gone into.

Any how today is a new day ! I will try to make the best of it.