You will always face bad things in life , just keep on going and you will succeed . No one is born successful !! People shape their selves not circumstances.


If you just look for what’s right – in others, in relationships, in yourself and your journey – you will always find it • Mike Dooley, Inspirational Author and Speaker

reversing the negative

My mother used to say sometimes that if one looked long enough one would always find a hole in any whole thing. This was to remind us that things were good just the way they were. They were there to be enjoyed, to be savored without judgement. She knew that even the most perfect thing could be destroyed by a negative mindset as the person who “looked” for a fault would always “find it”  whether it was there or not.

Things might not always be the way we wish them to be, but when we shift our attention from the negative to all that is good, right or positive, we must realize that we have more that we actually asked…

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